Thursday, August 28, 2014

Another Day, Another Building

I am so easily bored....distracted...led astray & in new directions. There is a never ending carousel in my brain & I never know what horse I will want to ride on when I wake up in the mornings.
So, after a year's pondering I decided my half-constructed, screwed up Beacon Hill would make a great base/ central  structure for a big ole magic castle/school.
I know in today's world you can't say castle/school without thinking 'Hogwarts'....but I take mine back a couple extra decades & say "Great School of Roke" ( a la Le Guin, Earthsea Trilogy). And rather than work on the BH, I decided to start building a tower structure that I will attach in some vague manner to the side of it someday. A couple 14"  round wood cutouts & some foamboard & I am off! 3-4 stories planned with an elaborate rooftop garden/gazebo & probably an astronomy deck.

I have an old Miniature Collector mag that featured a stone room with a raised area in the back & thought to try something similar, so I mocked up some steps, a raised platform & a silly (as in pointless, but nifty) archway. Then I cut out some doors & windows. Then I added some real wood beams, because my husband always says scary words like "structure" & "support" for some reason when he looks at my work.....

Paperclay stonework begins! I used some molds from Ebay of Greenmen & dragons for small embellishments.

This will be Master Doorkeeper's chamber, the secret entry into the school. It is to be filled with doors, keys & records of student's names.
Because Master Doorkeeper needs a door, I am trying to rig up a removable panel using magnets since anything with a hinge is beyond me! I want it to be easily removable, but also re-attach in a hinge-way so I can swing it open & leave it attached.
There are little secret doors all over the room. These were super fun to do.

Now on to more & more & more  paperclay!
 As wretched as it still looks, I have just two inside panels left to do, the fireplace, painting of the stonework, faux tile flooring & then the exterior stonework to go before I can attach the walls. And a ridiculously elaborate doorway to construct. And then I'll contemplate how to attach the 2nd floor.....
I hate thinking things through. 
Muddling along, hacking away like a blind woodsman is the way for me!

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