Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Back to Unc's...

Uncle Rooster's is our neighborhood tobacconist, head shop and all around place to get social with the counter culture.
Unc's had always been a promoter & supporter of the local music scene. They used to have music  lessons upstairs until the popularity of hookah lounges demanded the space.
There is still always something fun to do upstairs, and cool people to hang out with. The hookah bar is busy, and there are special snacks available- herbal teas, sugary treats and of course, brownies. There are usually even plenty of half burnt or burning roaches lying around for the cheapskates & moochers!

Unc's stocks a great collection of back issues of important but hard to find counter culture magazines & comics like  High Times, Rolling Stone, Mad Magazine  & The Fabulous Freak Brothers ,so it functions as a relaxed reading room as well.

Downstairs is more business-like, with colorful displays of incenses  & other burnables in every flavor

The display case is overflowing with a great variety of glass bongs, and metal, glass and bone pipes.

Unc also carries a huge variety of rolling papers- from modern classics like Zig Zags, to colorful vintage Persian, French & Europan papers & cigars. Yes, lava lamps abound here too!

New shipments of glassware are always tested for quality!

Unc sells cigarettes, cigars & mary jane and all the paraphernalia associated- matches, ash trays, stash jars, snuff & snuffers!

                                                            "All things air-bourne"

Monday, March 14, 2016


Last year right after Easter I got all excited to make an Easter display.
I'm posting it this year ahead of Easter so I can feel like I'm on top of things.
As we speak, I am wondering where I put it away last year... 
I wanted to take new pictures with a cute tablecloth.....
can't find it anywhere.....
clearly still not on top of much.
I made all of the candy & boxes. My excelsior is way huge...so much for hand cutting.
The sugar eggs were fun to do.

               My Cadbury Cream eggs aren't gooey or shiny enough but the boxes of wrapped chocolates were fun.
                    Not sure what villain broke all the eggs open though...who does that???

The lamb is just a vintage plastic toy, untouched
There's room for lots more stuff!

Maybe these? Not exactly Easter, but....had to toss in a little Harry Potter reference! Though I cheated on the any flavor beans. They look really cool in the light though.

But this is just a strange interlude...now back to Thwilville.....

Sunday, August 2, 2015

Doorkeeper's Chamber

Has it been a year?
This will be a long post then....
The doorkeeper's chamber is slowly paper-clay'ed & painted, with more secret doors added.
Here the wall sections are not fixed in place yet, and I have had many tries at arranging them with the help of blue tape. Part of the issue was the view available from my proposed doorway, which required me moving the bookcase panel to the other side, else no books could've been seen. 

Various Greenman molds provided embellishments for the room, as well as a couple impromptu wall reliefs. I realize I should have made the bookcase shelves twice as deep but I'm not going back now.
For some reason I had made quite a serious bend in the panel that houses the fireplace. There was logic there once, but as I don't take notes well and I sometimes have weeks or months between chances to work on things, so often I forget what I was thinking.
Matching stone colors in different sessions isn't working out very well, but I'm no stickler.
Once the interior was done, I worked on egg carton stones for the outside. There wasn't as much useful egg carton as I'd expected, but I did make a nice mess of trimmings on my floor.
I treated it like a jigsaw puzzle & didn't concern myself with laws of physics or masonry.
I won't bore you with the nightmare of grouting...I had a nice syringe and I colored & watered down two kinds of grout, but the stuff kept drying in the tip and..let's just say it was weeks of sessions &  I'm truly amazed I didn't quit.

Painting the fireplace panel & nothing worked. Garish bricks, yellow stone.....it will wait for another day when I feel optimistic.
Here are a couple  shots of the room with the removable door panel & all the other panels propped up. My round tower is certainly off to a  wonky start!

So, to ease my frustration & renew the pleasures, a day of my life spent rolling scrolls, making books and creating stacks of documents & relics. My only struggle with this project was that I kept thinking every scrap of paper I had was 'the good one' and so I jealousy hoarded all the good ones to use in the more prominent & visible spots and soon had nothing for the 'supporting roles' 

But once in place, all the little troubles seem so benign.

Oh there's much more to the saga- the leaded windows, the mirrored corner that I hope will hide the wiring.....but for today, we'll call it a success. Tomorrow, we'll try to do better.

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Another Day, Another Building

I am so easily bored....distracted...led astray & in new directions. There is a never ending carousel in my brain & I never know what horse I will want to ride on when I wake up in the mornings.
So, after a year's pondering I decided my half-constructed, screwed up Beacon Hill would make a great base/ central  structure for a big ole magic castle/school.
I know in today's world you can't say castle/school without thinking 'Hogwarts'....but I take mine back a couple extra decades & say "Great School of Roke" ( a la Le Guin, Earthsea Trilogy). And rather than work on the BH, I decided to start building a tower structure that I will attach in some vague manner to the side of it someday. A couple 14"  round wood cutouts & some foamboard & I am off! 3-4 stories planned with an elaborate rooftop garden/gazebo & probably an astronomy deck.

I have an old Miniature Collector mag that featured a stone room with a raised area in the back & thought to try something similar, so I mocked up some steps, a raised platform & a silly (as in pointless, but nifty) archway. Then I cut out some doors & windows. Then I added some real wood beams, because my husband always says scary words like "structure" & "support" for some reason when he looks at my work.....

Paperclay stonework begins! I used some molds from Ebay of Greenmen & dragons for small embellishments.

This will be Master Doorkeeper's chamber, the secret entry into the school. It is to be filled with doors, keys & records of student's names.
Because Master Doorkeeper needs a door, I am trying to rig up a removable panel using magnets since anything with a hinge is beyond me! I want it to be easily removable, but also re-attach in a hinge-way so I can swing it open & leave it attached.
There are little secret doors all over the room. These were super fun to do.

Now on to more & more & more  paperclay!
 As wretched as it still looks, I have just two inside panels left to do, the fireplace, painting of the stonework, faux tile flooring & then the exterior stonework to go before I can attach the walls. And a ridiculously elaborate doorway to construct. And then I'll contemplate how to attach the 2nd floor.....
I hate thinking things through. 
Muddling along, hacking away like a blind woodsman is the way for me!

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

The Pottery Shop Update

Yes, it has been almost a year.....I have only a few months of the year not consumed by real life - but I have made slow progress on my two buildings.
The kit I used for the pottery was just too small. I had already removed the original back wall & re-constructed one with a doorway, so it was fairly simple to extend the back a few inches. I wanted to extend the width instead of the depth, but that would have taken skills... I have none, I just wing it, although I am attempting to use rulers now...
 So, while I'm making a  small change, I might as well add a second floor as well...living quarters.... so I started by mocking it all up with foam board
 And NO, of course my back wall doesn't exactly fit.....and my doorway is crooked.... I'll fill it in with something inappropriate & cover it with paperclay when I'm frustrated enough.
So, while I'm struggling along with structure it's more fun to ready things for the inside. Some inspiration for the walls......
Some glaze ingredients & tools
 I've so far used actual, real ingrediants....copper carbonate, red iron, flint, whiting, ball clay..... I intend to fill the glaze buckets with real glazes too, or at least splash them up a bit with the real deal. (The red iron has already stained the floor!) I have a  better scale coming as well....
A rack of fully readable Ceramics Monthlys ( though not replications of any particular issues, each is just a dozen pages of assorted misc real ads & articles.) 

 Normally, no frothy beers at the wheel......but this is not reality, so why not?
But now that I have an idea of the layout I must pack it all up & work on the darned building & making all the rest of the stuff I'll need..... a bunch of clay boxes with real bagged clay, more pottery tools, dry ingredients, glaze recipes, spills, lots of splatters, a floor drain, etc... and I'm also already starting to work on the kiln yard out back.... brick kiln, kiln shelves & furniture, a water pump.....

In other town news.....new products for Uncle rooster's: tried to make some cigars & boxes & some medical maryjane (no, sorry, nothing actually authentic in these baggies!!)

that's all for now..........