Monday, April 29, 2013

Detailing Uncle Roosters

This weekend I decided the headshop, aka "Uncle Roosters" needed to eventually be part of a street & have some landscape around an actual base. We cut an 18" square of wood & I proceeded to sketch out the exterior landscape.
Although all the advice I have seen on paperclay says to roll it out, I opted for the easier method of just squishing random blobs of it onto my base smeared with glue.
Then using various bottle caps I pressed in some random cobble stones, filling the gaps freehand. I used a trimmed & burnt craft stick to impress around the edges again & again, crumpled tin foil for texture.
After I had worked out the sidewalk, I built steps up to the front door & in homage to the original record store, thought a sidewalk mural might be fun. I finished up at midnight & actually let it dry overnight, which is another of my 'hard to do' things...let things dry adequately? Why would I??.
In the morning, I started painting the stones with thin washes of coffee & tea, and eventually dry brushed other colors, though as usual I should have started in a back corner so that by the time I got to the front I'd have my technique down a bit more....but again, that would be logical.......not me.

Another flub was that I decided I had to raise my building up a bit so I could build those steps. I used random pieces of flooring off-cuts to build up a base, crammed some foam board into the cracks, removed the building & proceeded onward. No measuring required!  Consequently today when I sat the building back on it nothing fit- the steps needed to be trimmed on one side & filled on the other. But that's how things are done here!
Much more fun to start mossing things up! I have had these tubs of Woodland Scenics scatter for over 20 years....and for some reason this was the most fun part so far. Maybe because it makes things start to pop & brings the scene to life. Maybe I just like my fingers flocked in green.
Stay tuned....shipments have arrived & the shop is preparing for it's grand opening!

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